Kalashray Band

Kalashray is the Hindi word for a place where music meets art.

Fresh and Risky Grooves meet connected souls.

Photo: Gerd Jordan

Dinesh Mishra is an Indian bamboo flute player with a powerful technique and knowledge of Ragas.
He has 25 years of experience as a professional in world music. He has his own style and sound
so that each tone is full with emotions but Dinesh is an expert in forgetting something, even his own composed melodies,
but some press reviews descibe him as a revolutionary Indian flute player because of his mix of Indian and Western styles.

This group is fortunate to include the guitarist Jan Bierther who is excellent in memorization and musical arrangement.
He masters the full with scale of styles from modern to classic and traditionals.
Jan combines sensitive music skills and powerful expression. Dinesh met him in 2016 and set up the group.

Also included is Jens Pollheide, a very experienced Bass player who has known Dinesh for 8 years.
He always knows that Dinesh is different in rehearsal than in concert making chord structures difficult.
So he uses his experience and trusts his ears resulting in excellent skill of solos.

Sebastian Bauer, a good and sensitive young drummer is often confused when working with Dinesh,
but he loves the idea of free improvisation with some fixed motives.
Dinesh often says „Ah don't worry you do as you like I will play according your rhythm“.
Every concert is different and he manages free improvisation blending music in a great groovy atmosphere.
For listeners it's good to listen to this kind of music mix including Indian ragas, Jazz, world music,
powerful solos and easy listening joyful music. Also it is nice to see the interaction of the musicians' surprise
and spontaneous reactions on stage.
In 2016 this project was first launched.
The concert was in the K14 club in Oberhausen and it was very successful with good press reviews.
This demanding project for listeners is certainly good music.
You will love it.
Also this group has social motives to help the Kalashray Foundation by Dinesh for children in the fields of music,
art and culture. Read more of www.kalashrayfoundation.com
Finally this group is using its experience not only to entertain, but also connect to a world of social help for young people.

Listen here: click here
Booking for concert please contact Jan Bierther